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Wyn Extra

(instocks : 10)

Product Code : Wyn-Extra.

PRICE : $21000

WYN is a series of modular, pod-type furniture models that provide a calm and quiet oasis without leaving the workplace.

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Tags Partition Panels

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WYN is a series of modular, pod-type furniture models that provide a calm and quiet oasis without leaving the workplace. Browsing the WYN offering reveals its aesthetic potential within commercial, public, and academic environments. WYN offers a variety of sizes to accommodate privacy and reduce auditory distractions.

Each model is self-contained with integrated ventilation, lighting, and electrical access. Specifiers can position WYN to provide work areas within existing floorplans. The model range is a desirable, value-driven alternative to hard-wall construction. WYN models install quickly and move wherever needed. 

Wyn Extra

WYN EXTRA is the solution when solo work requires absolute focus, privacy, and just a bit more space. The extra space affords a roomier built-in table worksurface and accommodates a single task chair. WYN EXTRA is ideal when projects require files, papers, binders, and a laptop. This private work area is an excellent solution for technical specialists or line managers.

Productivity Features

Offered with the option of a solid acoustic back wall for privacy, or a tempered glass wall for improved natural light, WYN EXTRA functions well in an open office environment. Lockable glass door, LED lighting, USB port, power socket, and laminate worksurface complete WYN EXTRA’s features.

Construction Features

  • Robust, all-metal structure with electro-galvanized 1.2mm thick steel
  • Single-glazed 8mm tempered glass door and back wall
  • Fire-rated acoustic board, carpet and polyester foam
  • Integrated LED overhead lighting with motion sensor for energy efficiency
  • Overhead ventilation fans with silent operation
  • Electrical outlet and USB charging port at worksurface height
  • Built-in acoustic properties achieve a noise reduction of 32db.

Facility Engineering

WYN models are easily moved and de-constructed for storage, offering versatility that hard-wall construction can’t match. With WYN, a quiet, private space can pop-up where needed for one user or up to eight.

For life safety requirements, WYN offers access for building sprinklers through its overhead panel. Optional tie down straps secure models to floors, holding WYN in place to increase earthquake safety and reduce damage.